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Slite's AI-powered knowledge base is the fastest way to access trusted company information. From onboarding guides to all-hands notes — just ask Slite for it.
“With instant access to our knowledge base, we no longer waste time searching for information. Instead of answering repetitive questions in Slack, our team goes straight to the source with Slite's Ask.”
Laura Dutilh
Chief of Staff at Tymeshift

Purpose built for centralized knowledge.

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200,000+ growing teams use Slite as their single source of truth.

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Docs can be verified with different validity periods, so there's no need to Slack for the latest. Your team can trust what's on Slite and get on with their work, informed.
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Our editor feels familiar —not like something you need to learn to use. It's fast and intuitive, so you can focus on what actually matters - your content.

Don’t let information go unseen.

Keep track of what your team's reading, searching for, and whether your newest doc reached everyone needed.

The Slite edge, in our customers words.

From mess to clarity

Switched from Notion & Coda
With Mac Reddin
CEO at Commsor
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Leveraging AI for growth

Switched from Tettra & Google Docs
With Sebastien Gendreau
Head of Product at Agorapulse
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Get your knowledge and team onboard in minutes.


Your previous docs, notes, wiki come with you.

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"As we're growing fast, the ease of adoption is a crucial element when choosing a new solution. You can't afford to turn back. You can see Slite is more friendly, and its similarities with Slack make it easier to adopt."
Martjin Hazelaar
Head of Product at Vanmoof

Sync content from all your favorite tools.

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Slack integration

DM Slack for answers.

Search for relevant company docs right in Slack using our integration.

Beat the blank canvas

Use our ready-made templates to get started in minutes and keep your company docs consistent across all teams.
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Growing teams see the difference.

The best thing about Slite is it's clutter free, clean interface. I was a power user of confluence since last 5 years, but it's just too much! Slite on the other hand is lean and well designed. It has minimal navigation, has all the features that I need.
We looked for an alternative to Notion because an all-in-one solution isn't suited to our rapid growth. We already use Monday for tasks. We want to use the best tool for each use case and avoid confusion with overlapping functionality. Slite fits the role as a flexible and powerful home for our team knowledge.
It took us forever to find the right tool for our company, we tried. Evernote, Notion, Google docs, Confluence. But in one way or another, they didn't work for us. When we tried Slite, we found something that worked great, simple, focused but also flexible.
We switched from Confluence because Slite is easy to use for the entire company, not just the product team. Now, our entire company writes and organizes content in Slite.
Donald Sipe
Donald Sipe
After trying numerous company knowledge base platforms, Slite has proven the easiest for everyone on our remote team to use daily.
Gardian AI
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