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What does it take to thrive in remote?

This is the question we asked ourselves when we first went remote in 2017. It was a little later we realized we were building a tool to answer the question. Slite is not about note-taking, or even knowledge management, it's a tool for happiness at work.
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Clarity, balance, joy. A smart Editor that doesn't get in your way. Cover photos and sketches that make your content delightful to read. Single sign-on to bring your whole team onboard. Search that remembers where you left off. Profiles to remind you that you're collaborating with other humans. Asynchronous discussions that are easy to open and close with decisions. A sense that you are moving work forward asynchronously, without the fear of getting left behind.

Plus, a newsletter that cuts through the noise. A Support team that treats you like a friend. A culture built around longevity and connection, rather than reckless growth.

Our remote principles

Great freedom comes with great expectations.
Manage your own projects, create your own work-life balance, and drive results you are proud of.
Remote first not remote only. We need to connect IRL
Remote first, not remote only
There's a time and a place to meet up in real life. Regular in-person gatherings refresh connections, while ensuring maximum flexibility the rest of the year.
Ship loudly
Remote requires you to promote yourself and your work more than you may be used to. Don't be afraid to speak up, repeat yourself, and ask others to amplify your voice. Amplify theirs, too.
Extremely professional
& extremely personal
The best way to build strong relationships in any workplace is to do meaningful work. Trust and respect are timezone-independent.
Communicate towards action
10 meetings a day is a nightmare, but pure async is impossible. When you have a question, or an error, tell someone as quickly as possible - and come to a decision with clear next steps.
Pride as a metric
KPIs change with the season, and data can sometimes lead you astray. Use pride as a metric, and your team will consistently do work that creates value for everyone.

Our commitment to sustainability

"We build Slite for the long run, always looking at the impact we have on our team and the people who use Slite, as well as the broader world." — Christophe Pasquier, Slite CEO.
Our aim is improve the way we think about work now, and for future generations to come.

Comitting to less CO2 per worker

Our commitment is not just empty words - we measure our impact in tons of CO2 per worker, with the aim of reducing that number each year.

Sustainable compensation

We offer competitive salaries that are location-based, so as not to disrupt local economies.

Sustainable Growth

When we bring someone onboard, we hope they'll stay for a very long time. Chasing investment is much less important than building a business that will grow old with us.

No commute

It's an obvious perk of remote work - no wasted fuel getting to and from an office in an urban center.

Thoughtful swag

Just like we hope our people stay their whole career, our company swag is built to last - and from recycled materials, too. And merch is totally optional - choose what swag you want, when you want it.

We advocate for green remote policies

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Driving action with knowledge base insights
At Slite we offer insights on three different levels, all designed to not only show you the usage of a tool you are paying for, but more importantly, help you to understand and improve the effectiveness of your knowledge base.
Your company knowledge is more than what's in your Knowledge Base
New: Slite Ask provides answer based on external sources.
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