Dive into teamwork with templates

Ready-to-use docs for product specs, company handbooks, meeting notes and more.

Competitive analysis

Centralize and keep a running history of your research for any other team to refer to.

Strategic plan

Outline your company's strategy and mission to align key stakeholders.

Team directory

Build a team directory to know who's who, where they're from, what they like, what they do in your company.

Weekly update

Replace your all-hands meetings with written updates covering your company's highlights. Ask each head of department to share what their team is working on, and share it with everyone.

Customer CRM

Keep a 360° view on your customers, so that anyone in your team can pick up where the conversation left off with the right amount of context.

User story by Yousign

Get a feel of how top Product leaders like Romain and his team craft his exceptional user experiences and stay ahead of competitors.

Hiring scorecard by Intercom

Hiring scorecards help the team over at Intercom define success criteria for each of their open positions. This template helps the hiring team reduce possible biases and focus on the main skills they're looking for in candidates.

Help center planning

Keep tabs on the articles you need to update in your help center when new features get updated or released.

Product specs

Bring clarity to each of your new feature's goals, blindspots and details.

One-on-one meetings by Front

There are three different types of one-on-one meetings at Front. They've crafted templates for each of them: the very first one-on-one, regular weekly and monthly one-on-ones and even the occasional coaching session.

Company wiki template

Create a company wiki to structure company-wide information in one place that's easy to access for your team. Support your team growth by documenting everything: facilitate employee onboarding and reduce interruptions.

Daily check-ins

Replace your stand up meetings with asynchronous check-ins that your team can fill out and read in their own time.

Content planning

Schedule and keep tabs of all the content your team is producing from articles, to social posts.

Hiring scorecard

They make your recruiting process more efficient and fair, at scale. Define success criteria so that your team knows what to look for in each candidate.

Brand guidelines

Keep your verbal and visual identity consistent across functions with clear rules on voice and tone, typography, colors, and more.

User interviews

Talking to users is one of the most essential parts of building the right product for them. What are you nailing? What should be improved? Centralizing all the precious user insights you get from talking to users allows your team to focus on how to improve the product for your users.


When done well, 1:1s can fuel your company's feedback culture, with caring and engaged employees. In a nutshell, "1:1s are a kind of ceremony to force continuous improvement" (Chris, Slite CEO).

Launch doc

Launching a product successfully requires that multiple teams—Product, Marketing, Customer Success—get aligned. And what better way to stay on the same page than by writing up a clear checklist of everything you need to check/produce before D-Day?

SDR playbook by Reply.io

Reply's mission is to help Sales teams everywhere improve their engagement and close more deals. To practice what they preach, William's team strives to be state of the Sales art.

Project brief by Intercom

Discover the templates the team over at Intercom uses to plan out new projects. They lay out all the problems they are solving, the stories they are creating, and the goals they are tracking before tackling them.

Real Estate Project Report

Real estate projects are exciting, but they also bring together many different resources and stakeholders from a variety of industries. This means that it's easy to get overwhelmed when developing a real estate project... and fast. Anticipate this problem before it happens by keeping all your key information organized from the outset of your next real estate project with a useful template.

Project kickoff

Use this time to align all stakeholders and ensure you've addressed all possible blindspots.

Marketing meeting agenda

The concept of marketing meetings is relatively straightforward - they provide opportunities for marketing teams to come together and discuss relative topics of importance.

Monthly Project Report Template

Sometimes putting together a project report at the outset of your planning process just isn't enough. If you really want to stay on top of things, consider using our free template and creating monthly project reports. Monthly reports are perfect because they allow your team to stay on top of your planning without getting bogged down in the details.

Project charter document

A project charter document formalizes a specific project's existence. It's a key internal document used for project planning.

New business project report

Launching a new business is a hands-on endeavor, but don't make the mistake of forgetting to keep all your written details and documents in one easily accessible place.

Sales playbook by Livementor

Get a sneak peek into Livementor's Sales playbook, from guidelines to do their best work, to the tools they use daily.

Project scope

This project scope statement helps everyone understand what the project includes and what it will not include.

Research Project Proposal Template

Our research project proposal template is designed to be used for projects carried out in a traditional, academic environment. It would be ideal to use for university research projects.

Self-evaluation by Homerun

This is the template our friends over at Homerun use for employee to evaluate their work. It's a framework for everyone in the team to assess their growth and go over their goals at the company with their manager/team lead.

Consulting Project Proposal Template

This template is intended for consulting firms to use when proposing their services to potential clients. It’s suitable for firms and projects of any size.

Meeting notes

Although taking meeting notes is often considered an arduous task, they provide useful written records of all the most important meeting takeaways, insights, and action items.

Meeting minutes template

Capture a summary of everything that happened in team meetings, from important takeaways to follow-up actions. Keep these easy to read and find for all people who weren't able to attend the meeting.

Meeting agenda

Whether you are using a meeting agenda template or creating it on your own, there are some essential elements that every agenda must have.

Marketing Project Proposal Template

This template is designed specifically for marketing projects. It would be well-suited to use for any marketing campaign or marketing strategy project, no matter the size.

Job description template

Plain and simple, a job description is a summary of a specific job. It answers questions like: "What kind of experience would an ideal candidate for this position have?" and "What would an employee's day-to-day tasks look like working in this position?"

Employee-led Performance Review

Get employee and manager on the same page with this simple employee-led performance review template that covers skills, goals, and action steps

QA template

Polish your features before and after release by inviting teammates to report any fishy behavior, or possible improvements in a QA doc.

Project status report

Project status reports are essential parts of project reporting and are used frequently in the project management world.

Project budget

Project managers, stakeholders and team members put together project budgets in order to estimate total project costs. This usually occurs at the beginning of the project planning process and is a key element of any successful project.

Mobile App Project Proposal Template

If you’re proposing a mobile app development project, this is the template for you. It’s perfectly suited for a mobile app project of any kind, and it’s sure to help you land enthusiastic approval.

Team Performance Review

Map out team accomplishments, goals, and action steps with this review template doc for group self-evaluation and improvement

Interview feedback

An interview feedback template is a form that's created for interviewer(s) to fill out during the interview process, usually after interviewing a candidate for a specific position. It's sometimes referred to as a candidate evaluation form, interview evaluation form, or interview feedback form.

Business project proposal

This proposal template is specifically designed to be used in a business context. It would be suitable for any kind of project taking place in a business environment, whether large or small.

User persona

A user persona, also known as a customer persona, is a comprehensive description of a company's ideal customer.

Product roadmap

At their most basic, product roadmaps are plans used in the development process that outline product vision and objectives, as well as the steps necessary to achieve them.

Project Outline Template

A project outline is a project plan made simple. No matter whether your project is routine and straightforward or long and complex, it's made up of tons of different details, logistics, ideas, and documents. Project outlines concisely bring together all that information, allowing them to be easily digested and referred to at a glance.

Project plan

The term project plan is very literal. Project plans can be as complicated or as simple as you want them to be. At their cores, however, they're tools that outline the life cycles of entire projects from start to finish.

Progress report

A progress report is an opportunity for managers and other team members to sync up with a team player and get an overview of project plans, goals, and deadlines.

Project update

A project update is a document that updates the reader about the current status of a project.

Statement of work

A statement of work, also known as a SoW, is an essential project planning and project management tool. At its most basic, it acts as a kind of formative contract between a customer and a company.

Scope of work

Brief but powerful, the scope of work is one of the essential tools in the project management world. This is because it describes exactly what falls under the framework of a project, as well as what doesn't.

IT Project Proposal Template

This project proposal template is designed with IT projects in mind. It takes an action-oriented approach and would be perfect for developing IT infrastructure or systems.

Mid-Year Performance Review

Use this performance review template at the halfway point to mark accomplishments, give feedback, and map out goals for the rest of the year.

Release notes

Release notes are documents that people receive when they buy and/or download software products. Nowadays, they're often distributed virtually.

IT Project Report

There are so many little details that go into the development of IT projects. More often than not, there are tons of different elements, teams, resources and timelines working together to get the finished project completed. Avoid getting overwhelmed by all these different aspects by using a project report template specifically designed for IT from the get-go.

Employee onboarding

Employee onboarding checklists, also known as onboarding templates, are incredibly useful human resources tools. Most simply, they act as roadmaps for the employee onboarding process.

Sprint retrospective meeting

A sprint retrospective, sometimes referred to as an agile retrospective, is a short meeting that gives team members the opportunity to stop and reflect on past stages of a given project.

Process documentation

Process documentation is essentially a collection of documents that provides information about how specific processes work within a business.

Software documentation

Software Documentation is a document used in project management and software development that helps users understand and learn to use a software tool.

Software design documentation

Software design documents explain how a specific piece of software or software feature should be developed. They're important technical documents that focus on the how of the development process.

Web Design Project Proposal Template

This template is similar to our IT project proposal template, but it’s been written specifically with website design projects in mind.

Agency Creative Brief

The creative brief is an agency's best friend. Whether your team is working on marketing materials, video projects, web design, or other creative projects, the brief is the starting point. This downloadable template is a basic, clear brief that's perfect for customizing according to your needs. With fields on client guidelines, target audience, and execution strategy, it's ready to go.

Graphic Design Creative Brief

This creative brief template is specifically designed for graphic design professionals working in-house or at an agency, so read on if that's you! It's a simple template that's easy to customize according to your own and your client's ideas. It includes fields on branding, colour palette, colour codes, and preferred file types, but the sky's the limit in terms of possibilities.

Video Production Creative Brief

This creative brief template is designed for any video production creative who's working on a new project. It's a simple template that's easy to customize to meet your specific production needs. It has fields where you can enter in your video overview, target audience, and video objective. The creative brief template will keep your project running calmly and productively, so you can focus on the big picture.

Campaign Creative Brief

If your creative team is working on a marketing campaign, it's likely that they'll need to write a creative brief. In fact, briefs are one of the main ways agencies and in-house marketing teams gather their ideas and launch new projects. This simple creative brief template is perfect for any marketing or advertising creative working on a campaign. It has fields on campaign context, campaign schedule, and campaign goals, but it can be customized to perfectly fit your needs.

Annual Performance Review

Conduct a yearly review of employee performance with this 1:1 meeting template

Project documentation

Project documentation templates are essential project management tools. They act a roadmaps for projects and serve to communicate goals, timelines, project scopes and deliverables to stakeholders.

Software Proposal Template

This template is written with software projects in mind. It would be suitable for any kind of software project or software development process, including everything from apps to web-based software.

Employee handbook

They can take many different forms, but they essentially consist of a collection of resources, documents, and information distributed to a company's employees. They're often sent out to new hires just before their first day of work in the form of a welcome e-mail.

Project closure report

Congratulations, you've made it to the end of your project! ...now what? Make sure that you conclude your project properly, of course! Your project closure procedure is just as important as your project initiation procedure because it allows you to ensure that you've accomplished all your main project goals, taken note of tasks & issues that still need to be addressed, and formalized your project closure with all the key people involved.

Construction Project Proposal Template

This template would be useful to any construction company that’s about to propose work on a new construction project. Big or small, this document will help you get organized.

Monthly Performance Review

Use this template as a joint document between employees and managers to assess the month's work and plan ahead for next month's progress.

Project report

A project status report is a team, and sometimes a company-wide document, designed to ensure your project stays on track. The report should give a clear outline of a project's progress, celebrate the milestones you've hit, and those you didn't quite manage.

Technical documentation

A technical documentation document is a document that describes product information and detailed data about the handling, functionality and use.

Product requirements document

A product requirements document, also known as a PRD, concisely outlines key information about a new product or feature.

Book Launch Creative Brief

Writing a book? Congratulations. This creative book launch brief will help kickoff the marketing and distribution process. You'll be able to cover your book description, your project objectives, your target audience, your rough timeline, and launch-related tasks.

Meeting report

Before you start learning how to prepare meeting reports, you first need to know about what exactly they are. You can check more here about how to write effective meeting minutes.

Weekly project report

Mapping out a long-term project can be daunting, especially considering all the details that often go into project reports. Luckily, weekly project reports can make these kinds of projects a little more manageable for the teams working on them.

Project Proposal Templates Directory

Browse 9 Project Proposal templates adapted to your industry.

Performance Review Templates Directory

Keep up with feedback and career development with these five performance review templates that can be adapted to fit your team's needs.

Project summary

A project summary is a project management tool that gives a synopsis of a project status at a given time. Try Slite's project summary template for free.

Performance Review Templates

A performance review, also known as a performance appraisal or employee evaluation, is an assessment of a team member’s performance in their role. Reviews are usually conducted at specific dates throughout the year: monthly, quarterly, annually, or all of the above.

Project Proposal Template

It's a way of communicating a business growth idea to leadership and getting the go-ahead to run with that idea.

Creative brief

A creative brief is an absolutely essential component of any project. It acts as a project's blueprint or roadmap, established from the very beginning and answering big questions like the whats and the hows.

Marketing plan template

A marketing plan, also known as a business plan, is a document that delineates how your company's marketing strategy will be executed within a specific timeframe.