Handling knowledge shouldn't be that hard.

Slite removes all the busy work at each step of the continuous team knowledge sharing loop.

On repeat.



Document with ease.

Documenting often feels like another tedious task, but Slite makes it easy even if you’re not tech savvy. Our AI-powered editor is fast, intuitive, and comes with a variety of built-in formatting options so you can focus on what matters the most: your content.

Icon Organize your way

Organize your way

Organize docs in flexible Collections. Filter, sort, and save views so your content is easy to consume.

Icon Use more than words

Use more than words

Use sketches, videos, or another embed option to clearly get your ideas across.

Icon Make it delightful

Make it delightful

Add beautiful covers, timely hints, quotes, and other formatting so your docs are a delight to read.

AI Assistant

Elevate your writing

From fixing grammar to simplifying language to adjusting tone, we've got you covered. Summarize your entire doc or translate it into 15 languages in a snap. Writing your docs just got way easier!


Generate recurring docs

No more wasting time on repetitive meeting docs. Get timely reminders to fill out the agenda without the nuisance of creating a new doc every time.


Beat the blank canvas

Use our ready-made templates to get started in minutes, and keep your company docs consistent across all teams.



Keep your knowledge fresh.

No more repetitive questions from your team to check if information is still accurate or manual work for you to keep docs relevant. Enjoy AI-driven insights that show which docs require your attention and act on them in bulk—all from one central panel.

doc verification

Trust without second-guessing

Verify your docs so your team always knows what’s relevant. They can trust what's on Slite and get on with their work, with all the info they need.


Know who’s in the loop

Keep track of what your team is reading and searching for, and easily make sure your latest docs get in front of the right people.



Get instant answers you can trust.

Get trusted company information based on verified docs, instantly. Whether it’s with our AI assistant Ask, lighting fast search, or Slack integration, you can always find the answers you need with Slite.

Icon Based on your access

Based on your permissions

Answers are based on personal access, so you won’t get more info—or less—than you should.

Icon Filtered how you need

Filter for your needs

Use filters to specify where you want to look for your answers. Verified docs recommended.

Icon Supported by sources

Supported by sources

All answers come with a list of sources so you can dig deeper if you need to.

Icon Easy to digest

Easy to digest

Request your answer in bullet points, 200 characters only or as if you were a newbie - Ask delivers.

Icon Available in other languages

Available in all languages

Ask your knowledge base in any language you want and it will answer in the same language.

Icon Helpful hints

Helpful hints

Not sure how to ask? Use the hints to help get you started.

Still can’t find the answer?

Don’t leave those questions hanging.

Close the knowledge gap by asking internal experts straight away when you notice missing information.

Icon Tag internal experts

Ask internal experts

Add as many teammates as you want to get the answer your need.

Icon Set a clear deadline

Set a clear deadline

Keep questions from getting forgotten about.

Icon Keep all in one place

Keep all in one place

Answers are now parts of your knowledge, reference them anywhere.

Plug into your workflow.

Slite seamlessly integrates with the tools you already use. Embed dynamic content from your favorite apps and find everything you need in one place.

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Illustration Access your knowledge on Slack.
Illustration Access your knowledge on Slack.

Slack integration

Access your knowledge on Slack.

Search for your relevant company docs, sync channels, receive notifications or simply use Ask right where you already work with the rest of your team.


Bring your previous docs

You don’t need to start from scratch. Bring all your previous docs, notes, and handbooks from Google Docs, Notion, Confluence, or wherever you used to document.

Illustration Bring your previous docs


Build your own workflows

Connect your tools and create your own custom workflows with our flexible API. Create docs in Slite, pull documents into another tool, or sync content so everything in Slite is up to date.

Illustration Build your own workflows

Stay secured

Identity management

Give your team access to Slite through your identity provider like Google, Okta, Azure AD, and more.

Soc 2 Type II certified

Slite is designed to keep all your data safe and protected.


Create user groups and easily set permissions on who can access what.

Bring your team on the same page.
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