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Slite solves the problems you have with Confluence

Remote teams need clear, focused and more thoughtful communication—not more complex workflows. Here’s why Slite is the best Confluence alternative for remote teams.

Always get to any piece of information with Slite's precise search capabilities.

Confluence search is unreliable.
“If you don't remember the exact words or phrases that are presented in an old file, good luck on finding it later on.”

Slite is smooth, you can finally wave goodbye to clunky loading and freeze times.

Confluence is slow.
“One of the first things you notice in Confluence as you grow your presence there, is the lack of speed.”

Your team will get the hang of Slite in an instant. No cumbersome interface, no training necessary.

Confluence is too complex.
“One of the first things you notice in Confluence as you grow your presence there is the speed.”

A radical change at a fair price.

Confluence costs add up quickly. Give Slite a try, it's free up to 50 docs. One price, all features: no add-ons, no bad surprises in your invoices. Save 16% on annual commitment.

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It's hard to change

So we made the move easy as 1, 2, 3.
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Make it seamless for your team to join via Slack, Google, OKTA, Azure AD, Office 365, Auth0 or OpenID Connect. Need material to convince your team to switch? We're here for you.
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A few more ways we’ll better serve your teams

Edit anything in an instant

A sleek editor, in which you can drag and drop tables, embeds, and more.

Blazing-fast collaboration

All the collaborative features you'd expect: a collaborative editor, mentions, comments. Except it doesn’t slow you down.

Crystal clear permission management

Slite is as open or closed as you want but simple enough that managing permissions doesn’t turn into a full-time job.
Thousands of teams already add more focus to their work with Slite.
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Slite doesn't get in the way of my team doing their work. There are fewer clicks to get to information, fewer clicks to start typing. Generally, it's saving us time and frustration.”
By Siggi
CTO of TravelShift
“As we're growing fast, the ease of adoption is a crucial element when choosing a new solution. You can't afford to turn back. Slite is more friendly and easier to adopt.
By Martijn
Head of Digital at Vanmoof
“We switched from Confluence to Slite because Slite is easier for the entire company, not just the product team. Now, our entire company writes and organizes content in Slite.”
By Donald
Software Infrastructure Manager at JobTarget
“We were using Confluence before Slite, but Slite is more modern, with quicker navigation.”
By Lauren
Designer at Big Picture Medical

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