Best Notion alternative designed for team knowledge management.

High-growth teams need a dedicated knowledge management tool to scale efficiently, not a generic all-in-one solution that slows them down. See why thousands of companies choose Slite over Notion to finally give their teams a single source of truth.

Why are teams switching from Notion to Slite?

Search that just works.

For a tool that's intended to boost productivity, search shouldn't get in the way. With Slite, enjoy lightning-fast search if you already know a doc you’re looking for or just ask our AI assistant and get the answer in an instant.

Illustration Always up-to-date.

Always up-to-date.

With Notion maintaining your knowledge up to date is a huge manual chore. Slite gives you one central place to keep your knowledge base fresh, at scale. Take AI-suggested actions with one click or slice and dice the way you want to.

Easy to set up and master.

Notion takes pride in its deep customization but that's also the reason why only power users can master it. Slite is opinionated and so intuitive that it’s easy to adopt for everyone, even those who are not tech-savvy.

Say goodbye to outdated docs and clutter.

How will I know if a doc is up to date?

Use doc verification status and let your team know what they can trust straight away.

Not verified
Verification requested
Verification expired

Yes, but it will still get outdated at some point...

Choose different validity periods and get automatic reminders when your docs have to be reviewed.

And  what about the docs that are not relevant anymore?

Discover inactive docs directly from the sidebar, with a single click. Keep, revive or archive with confidence - you can always access them exactly where they belong.

It's just impossible to manually find and update all my docs.

We find them for you. Slice and dice all your docs, take AI-suggested actions and act on them in bulk - all in one central panel.

Illustration It's just impossible to manually find and update all my docs.

“So exciting to see a company in doc/productivity space to understand it’s PMF and stick to where it can shine. The doc status is awesome and is one of the places where Notion falls short. The notification to hint what docs are out-of-date is really clever. Well done!”

Avatar Matt

Matt Roskovec

product manager, pitch

Sounds great, but I have a few doubts...

Can Slite really give answers in an instant?

It sure can! Stay in your workflow and get trusted instant answers based on your verified docs wherever you work - ask our AI assistant directly in Slite, use Slack integration or add Chrome browser extension.

Wait, but isn't Notion also offering similar AI-powered answers?

It can look that way at first, but there's one key difference - Slite provides you answers based on verified docs, ensuring your team gets relevant and reliable information. Notion, on the other hand, doesn't pay attention if the source is actually trustworthy.

Illustration Wait, but isn't Notion also offering similar AI-powered answers?

But don’t you have to pay extra for AI?

Not really, at least with Slite. It costs extra as an add-on in Notion, but it’s included in any paid plan in Slite. And Slite still comes out 20% less expensive than Notion’s Business plan.

What if some of our teams are already using Notion?

Too often we hear from teams that Notion becomes too complex and can only be mastered by power users, which ends up with only tech-savvy teams leveraging it to its full potential. Slite is powerful enough for advanced needs but still easy to set up and use for everyone. No more siloed teams using different tools.

Illustration What if some of our teams are already using Notion?
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But isn’t Notion also suitable for project management?

It is, to a certain level. However, many companies that transitioned from Notion agree that as your business expands, relying on a dedicated tool for project management becomes essential. The good news is, Slite seamlessly integrates with various project management tools to meet those needs.

Okey, it sounds convincing. Let’s talk details.

Many companies start off using Notion because it seems to have it all at first. But as soon as teams start growing, they get limited by the all-in-one approach. They switch to Slite to keep their knowledge up to date, automate maintenance, and get instant answers.

Company wiki & templates
Document verification
Knowledge management panel
AI-powered instant answers available to all
Fast and accurate search
Similar and duplicate docs detection
Inactive docs detection
Easy to master and fast to deploy
AI included in regular pricing

Don't just take our word for it.

Tempting, but nobody has time to migrate all the docs...

We get it, switching tools can be painful. But migrating your docs from Notion to Slite with our self-serve import tool takes minutes, not days. And no experts needed.

Large company? Contact our sales

I’m ready. 

How do I make the switch?

Switching to Slite is easy - start your free account or talk to us if you're moving a large team and have custom needs.