Can’t decide between Slite and Notion?

Put simply, it comes down to your focus on growth.

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Purpose-built for company knowledge management
AI-powered to remove the burdens of tedious knowledge management
Opinionated and intuitive for everyone
Quick setup, short learning curve, and high adoption across the whole team
Keeps your current workflow with built-in integrations


Generic all-in-one solution with high focus on project management
AI-powered to create even more content in your workspace
Provides endless customization
Tool training, dedicated resources, and regular maintenance required
Tries to replace all your toolstack

Instead of giving you a feature-by-feature comparison, we’ll show you how Slite is tailored for high-growth teams that take their knowledge management seriously and are committed to finally bring their single source of truth to the entire company.

Designed for team knowledge.

Fast-growing teams need a dedicated tool for knowledge management to scale faster, instead of depending on a generic all-in-one solution that slows them down.
Here's why Slite is better suited.


Get instant trusted answers.

Forget slow search and endless browsing. Get trusted answers based on verified docs, instantly. Whether it’s with our AI assistant Ask, lighting fast search, or Slack integration, you can always find the answers you need with Slite.


Trust without second-guessing.

No more repetitive questions to check if information is still relevant. Verify your docs with different validity periods so that your team can trust what they find and move on with their work, informed.


Put maintenance on autopilot.

Escape the maze of outdated docs, clutter and overwhelming manual work. Keep your knowledge base up to date with AI-driven insights and act on them in one central panel.

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Empower the whole team.

Your knowledge base will never become your company’s single source of truth if mastered only by the power users. Slite is intuitive so that it’s easy to adopt for everyone, even not tech-savvy.

“Having Slite has been a game changer for our team to build our remote culture internally. On top of that, the cleanliness of Slite is miles ahead of Notion.”

Ankit Jayn

Cofounder AaYWORKS

Growing teams see the difference.

Easy  adoption across teams. No training required.

“Slite is easier to use on daily basis. We chose to avoid a distracting tool to offer a place of focus and clarity. We want the best of breed as we structure our team growth to 200+ employees. The tips on how to structure our knowledge were also a big plus.”
By Thibaut Morlot
VP Operations & Co-FOUNDER at SHIPPEO

Keep things simple and bring focus. Zero busy work guaranteed.

“Slite isn’t trying to be all things to everyone. It’s more opinionated and gets out of the way for you to simply get work done versus having to be paralyzed by configuration of a document. Notion and Coda on the other hand both have this issue but position it as a ‘feature’.”
Alex Bass
Founder & Head of Product at Efficient App
Alex Bass, Founder and Head of product at Efficient app

Your best work calls for the best tools.

Why settle for all-in-one when you’ve already using the best of breed? Slite integrates with Loom, Asana, Trello, Google Drive, GitHub and others.



“We looked for an alternative to Notion because an all-in-one solution isn’t suited to our rapid growth. We already use Monday for tasks. We want to use the best tool for each use case and avoid confusion with overlapping functionality. Slite fits the role as a flexible and powerful home for our team knowledge.”

Avatar Chris

Chris Zonneveld

Infrastructure Specialist, Ciphix

Built to scale and keep up with your growth.

Certified secure

High Security Standards with an SOC II Type II security certification.

Enterprise plan

Enforced SSO, provisioning, custom billing, dedicated account manager.

Lightning fast

Long loading times should never get in your way. Whether it’s writing or finding info, we get you there fast.

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