Introducing the all-new Slite: the future of knowledge management

Once upon a time, knowledge bases were just a myth.

The promise behind an evergreen single source of truth was dishonest. All knowledge from your teammates, always up to date, accessible instantly... In reality, they were more knowledge graveyards.

Ryan, one of the BambooHR founders, actually told me recently:

Confluence is where information goes to die.

Well, the world has changed!

These last 8 months, we went through a revolution. Technology can now understand our words, which means that with the right data, it can understand

... what is outdated,

... detect un-documented information,

... optimize content to convey more,

... answer any question on your writings,

and so much more.

Maintaining a complete and up-to-date log of all team knowledge used to require inhumane efforts. Now that AI can take care of these tedious chores, the Knowledge Base promise finally becomes a tangible reality.

That's why we are so thrilled to introduce the all-new Slite, our debut building the first knowledge base on autopilot.

Picture this: a world where your knowledge base is complete, regulates, cleans, and updates itself. It answers your questions. It stops being an extra chore in your to-do list and instead helps you unravel this list like never before.

That's our story. We laid out the first bricks.

Adding magic every step of the way

We approached this new phase by looking at what we call the knowledge loop.

Isolating each step, we wondered how we could remove the chores and rethink the experience we've been through countless times.

Each step reinforces... or undermines the following one.

Access knowledge by asking

Back in March, we released Ask, the world's first-ever LLM-powered assistant answering questions based on team documentation.

It radically changed the core experience of accessing knowledge and never stopped improving.

  • Search or Ask
    Open search, type anything, and Slite detects if it's a question and answers you based on your team knowledge.
  • Sources
    See where the excerpts being used in answers are sourced from. This one bit is crucial to build trust!
  • Filter Ask on verified or on specific docs
    Ask can answer only based on certain parts of your space or, even better, on documents "verified" by your team.
  • Date sensitivity
    "When is our next retreat?" Ask has context, understands time, and now can get these types of questions, too.

Maintain knowledge with automatic detection

Here is the catch: your team knowledge is not up to date. And you need reliable data to get reliable answers. Any intelligence, artificial or not, can't guess the rules of your company.

If you give it a doc from 2010, it will trust it.

Give rotten tomatoes to a three-star Michelin chef, and they won't make a delicious meal either. Tomato Tomatoe. It's the same situation here.

That's why we put the act of deprecating documents and verifying "canonical" knowledge (Handbooks, processes, SOPs , any doc that can change while keeping its title) at the heart of the new Slite.

To make maintenance a breeze, we built a few things:

  • A central knowledge management panel
    1 list to slice and dice your entire knowledge base and act on it at the speed of thought.

    Verify, deprecate, change ownership, or archive docs in bulk while filtering by owner, location, engagement, etc...
    This panel doesn't do maintenance for you, but it makes it much faster.
  • A PageRank algorithm to detect cold docs
    Based on our own data, over 80% of the docs that leave in a knowledge base are related to meetings, projects, or equivalent, and will age and pollute your structure and search results.

    Our new Pagerank-like algorithm detects what doesn't matter anymore, stops using it for Search and Ask, and shows them for you to remove.
  • Detecting gaps - Coming soon
    Your team asks, and Slite will soon point you at where the gaps are.

Creation on autopilot

The act of documenting is a hassle, and the result is incomplete knowledge bases. We brought AI into our editor to assist and elevate your writing.

From grammar corrections to simplification and format changes, it makes you convey more knowledge in less time. 2 special additions:

  • Unlike other implementations out there, we show you how AI changed your content to keep you in control.
  • We built 1 feature for knowledge management, 1 button Optimize for scanning, based on decades of research on how readers scan and consumer articles to make sure your docs are as clear as they can be.  

Autopilot, soon Self-driving?

The promise of a complete and continuously up-to-date knowledge base was impossible.

At least before we found a technology able to understand your content, clean it, read it, and complete it for you.

This is day 1 of this revolution.

We want to build a self-driving knowledge base, so we've, for now, shipped an early autopilot.

On the 3 jobs of a knowledge base, we redefined one fully: our AI search radically redefined the act of finding knowledge, doing the work of reading and digesting your team information for you.

When it comes to maintenance, we detect docs to remove; we can go 1 step further by helping you detect what needs to be verified, who should be in charge, and maybe even detect from the rest of your stack what seems out of date.

When it comes to creation, we believe things can get magical by looking at the rest of your tools to generate knowledge for you, reading your codebase, CRM, or meeting transcripts to suggest updating or adding entries.

The possibilities are endless, and I am really excited about our releases to come!

Thank you for being part of our journey, and if you want to support Slite - you're amazing 😘 - please spread the word on Linkedin or Twitter 🙌


PS - Oh, and it comes at a standard price

We believe artificial intelligence, well implemented, will radically change your experience. So much we don't see it as an add-on.

So, unlike others, we made all our AI features part of our regular prices 🙌

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