Meet the new Slite

Meet the new version of Slite with Smart tables, a new brand, and all-around improvements!

We have many exciting things to share today, starting with a new logo and new look.

But that's just the surface, and it serves a larger purpose. After months of work, we're proud to introduce the all new Slite, and present how it will better serve you.

The all new Slite

Three years ago, we launched a note app for teams, which was quite new. Still, it was just a note app. Then, we got lucky: teams used it for much more. They showed us the way, and we improved Slite to let you do much more than note-taking—project documentation, handbooks, wikis, onboarding, meetings, research, you name it.

In the last months, we've worked hard to bring Slite up to your expectations.

Today's Slite is two times faster than it was a year ago. It's a better place to work together, with collaborative cursors, and a seamless way to start discussions on a doc. It's where you catch up with your team daily, and get a birds-eye view on exactly where they need you.

The all new Slite is also more complete, with a brand new way to organize your team's growing knowledge. With Smart tables, get the bigger picture by laying your docs out in one place with their status, owners, or any other relevant information.

Unlocking remote together

We've been working across countries for four years, and 40% of our customers were already distributed before 2020. When done well, remote is a terrific opportunity for you and your team to work better together, and to live better lives.

We learned that successful remote work starts with a strong written culture, and we’re here to help you build it:

1. With a new coaching program

We’re launching dedicated sessions between your team and us—offering you practical tips on how to run remote meetings, manage a decentralized team, and drive projects. Or offer you help in any other area of your remote journey. Book a session →

2. With our library of templates and articles

We’re creating a whole new space dedicated to teaching you how to work remotely. Read our first remote guide →

3. With live events

Starting next week, Tuesday October 27th, we’ll be presenting the biggest lessons we've learned about remote working over the last four years. And we'll answer all your questions.

The shiny bit 💫

And now for the finale: we recently partnered with the amazing StudioKoto to develop our new brand and today we’re proud to reveal it to you.

You’ll notice a new logo that’s based on our early days, when Slite was short for “satellite.” We’ve fully embraced this theme, along with other gems of newness (shout out to Rob en Robin for the playful illustrations) spread across our app and website.

Thanks for reading, and for trusting us with your remote journey.
Bye for now,

The Slite team

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