6 Loom ideas for your async team

Real examples of how we use Slite documents and Loom videos together.

6 Loom ideas for your async team

Real examples of how we use Slite documents and Loom videos together.

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May 17, 2022
Written by
Melanie Broder
Artwork by
Clara Rua

Video and text make an excellent team. Just take an online course, or scroll through TikTok, or watch a Quentin Tarantino movie. In remote work, video and docs work together to transform ideas into decisions.

We are big fans of Loom at Slite. Loom videos don't just cut down on document reading time, but they give a human face to announcements, releases, and even bugs. We love Loom videos so much that we don't just embed them in internal docs and discussions, we also share them on our website.

When a video is shared alongside written action steps, it can be a powerful tool for making decisions. With an advanced editor, you can easily communicate the how. With video, you also see the why. Here are six examples of how video has worked for us.

1. Async presentations

Whether it's a release we've had on the roadmap for months, or a spontaneous project completed during an OffSlite, we present our latest builds internally with a Slite doc and an embedded Loom video.

This helps us to "show and tell" our work and get feedback from our colleagues before releasing the new feature to the world.

2. Feature releases

We also use video to announce new features to the wonderful people who use Slite (and maybe their friends, and friends of friends...) On our site, we share product news and updates in a public Slite doc called New on planet Slite.

When we recently launched Collections, our new database feature, Adrien shared the good news via Loom.

Watch the video: 2-min intro to Collections & switching from Smart Tables

3. Product "hauls"

Think shopping hauls are for YouTubers and influencers only? Think again. Gathering instances of your own use of a product or feature is a great way to understand what's worth saving, and what's should be tossed out.

When we started developing Discussions, our head of product Fadz asked the rest of the team to do a video haul of their own Discussions. 16 people made Loom videos walking through their Discussions inbox, providing valuable insights for the Product team.

Hauls are a great way for your team to put themselves in the shoes of someone using your product.

4. Capturing bugs (QA)

Bugs are like magicians - now you see them, now you don't. But even if a bug is very obvious to the naked eye, it's a lot easier to demo it then to just explain it.

In the example below, Alison recorded a bug in a Loom, then shared it in a Slite Discussion (The bug happened to be visible IN the Discussion, so it was useful to host the video there. Meta.) Later, she turned the bug into a Linear card so the issue could be officially tracked by Product and Engineering.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, from the bug's perspective), the bug was squashed not long after that.

5. Support roundups

Our Customer Support Lead Alex creates a monthly doc called "Customer Voice" in which she highlights interesting conversations, feature requests, and pain points from our Support inbox. She introduces the report via Loom to add more context to her findings. Combining the customer voice with a friendly face helps us stay focused on empathetic and compassionate Support for the people who use Slite.

6. Job postings

A video can do wonders for showing the warmth and closeness of your remote team, even from a distant timezone. We don't love the term "employer brand," but it's, well, that. When candidates can see and hear from the amazing people you've already brought on, they'll be tempted to submit their async applications ASAP.

Growth marketer job posting and video on Slite.com

Communicate how you want

The best thing about using documents and video together is that it gives you and your colleagues the flexibility to communicate how and when you want. Whether it's easier for you to talk or type, or like to mix up your medium, your message has a better chance of getting heard with both options.

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Melanie Broder is on the Marketing team at Slite, where she works on all things content. She helps Slite users gain new skills through guides, templates, and videos. She lives in New York City, where she likes to read novels and run loops around Central Park.

Artwork by

Clara Rua is on the Design team at Slite. She juggles with all the Slite's brand codes to make our values and beliefs come to life in illustrations, projects, and visuals, amonst other things. You can find her cycling, surfing, pottery making, jump-roping, yoga-ing from the south of France to the Moroccan west coast.

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6 Loom ideas for your async team
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